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We turn good ideas into great products

Welcome to INNOFLEX

At INNOFLEX we develop, test and sell user-driven innovation products for the healthcare sector.
Our mission is to challenge and rethink the solutions used at hospitals and in clinics, both in terms of material selection and design - and of course, without compromising the high standards of hygiene required. We strive to improve work environment for healthcare professionals, optimise work flow, and help to make patients more self-reliant in their contact with the healthcare system.

In phases of product development, we dedicate ourselves to the users & their world of experience, because we believe that the best ideas arise from practice.

Our business is based on three areas
1.Idea: Product ideas and issues must be user-driven and come from healthcare professionals, patients or citizens who want to change, optimize, create new or better healthcare solutions. The idea are based on the user and their unique insight.

2. Development & Testing: We develop and construct prototypes for testing. The tests results are subsequently used for "prof of concept" or used for further iteration. Testing, evaluation and market research determines whether the product is to be marketed and sold.

3.Sales: Sales and marketing of the products through sales channels; webshop, personal sales, resellers etc.

Our vision is to be the preferred partner and supplier of user-driven innovation products for the healthcare sector.
We want to collaborate closely with healthcare staff to get new ideas for new products, and simultaneously be a proactive sales organization that makes innovative products available on the market.

Zilent -  future clinic tableGot a a good idea?
HangOn Table - bedside  Buy products
Storage of patients hearing aid and spectacles.HangOn Box - Bedside storage
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